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About Sokkie

Sokkie started out from the idea that buying condoms shouldn’t be something that is taboo or frowned upon.

Let’s face it - we all love sex. Sex is hot. It is playful, fun, and at times, embarrassing. Buying condoms on the other hand isn't any of that, embarrassing maybe.

So, we went on a journey to make condoms with some of the best materials out there, without any nasties, in an easy-to-carry, convenient and discreet packaging.

No preservatives. No nasty chemicals.

Our condoms are made with 3 ingredients - natural latex, silicone oil and cornstarch. That is it.

We source and manufacture our rubbers in Malaysia, the home of the best quality natural latex in the world. 

It's lubricated with silicone oil so it doesn’t mess with the integrity of the latex. Silicone oil is also hypoallergenic and helps encourage your bits.

Cornstarch acts as a dusting powder. It helps keep the latex from sticking to itself and makes it easier to unroll.

Discreet and pocketable packaging

A pack of 3 premium quality, full-sized ultra thin condoms in a box smaller than your average deck of cards, that will fit into the skinniest of jeans pockets, or an evening clutch.

We want to ensure that you are always going in protected … in the bedroom, in the club or anywhere your boat floats.

Designed for ultimate safety, pleasure and durability.

Not only are Sokkie condoms made with the best ingredients out there, they are also 100% electronically tested and complies with ISO 4074 standards.

In Australia, Sokkie condoms are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as a Medical Device Class IIb, ARTG #337856.

We don’t skimp on quality and safety so you can do the dance with no pants AND no worries.

It’s time to take the taboo out of buying condoms.

Buy them. Use them. Carry them around.

But in a small-enough pack that you still have space for your wallet, phone and keys to your lovemobile.

Try better condoms, we're confident you'll love them!

Sokkie Ultra Thin

Pants off. Sokkie on.