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How to Convince Your Partner to Use Condoms

How to Convince Your Partner to Use Condoms

“Sex is not fun with condoms” is sometimes a way to express preference, but is also sometimes simply a convenient, lazy excuse not to.

Unfortunately, there is still stigma around using and buying condoms that for some people, find it strange when the other prefers to have protected sex.

As a strong independent woman™, if I hear that as an excuse, there’s a huge chance I would run and never walk. Although, sometimes I give in and try to convince my partner to use condoms and so far, I have found 5 ways that have been helpful.

Having a hard time convincing your partner to use condoms? Read this guide now.

(Re-)educate your partner about STIs

If your partner is logical enough, sharing your worries about getting or infecting them with STIs will have them reconsider using condoms. No one likes things growing around their genitals.

Find the right time to re-educate or open up to your partner about the dangers of having unprotected sex. Best to talk about this during your alone time together, in case there’s a possibility of a heated argument in public. We also recommend having this talk before actually needing to use a condom.

Mention that you’re not comfortable having unprotected sex

If they mention that they are not having fun having sex with condoms, try telling them you’re not comfortable having unprotected sex either.

How the turntables

How the turntables. 

If they are sensible enough, they would be more aware of what you feel and think, and reconsider using condoms.

Be firm 

Be firm with why you prefer using condoms. You can say, “I want to protect myself from sexually transmitted infections.”

If they are still not convinced, you may consider going with the unintended pregnancies path and mention that it is your body that you want to protect and put first (which is true… amirite, ladies?).

If you’re simply not comfortable having unprotected sex, tell your partner and be firm about it as well, ie. no sex tonight, sailor.

Make it sexy

Make condoms fun by considering adding water based lubricant inside the condom’s reservoir tip— the sensation is sure to excite your partner.

Alternatively, offer to put the condom on for your partner and roll it on with your hands or mouth like you’re about to give oral sex. Another way is to show your awesome footwork by placing your feet on both sides of the penis and gently rolling the condom.

Bringing condoms with you can do the trick 

You’ll never know when your next sexual encounter would be, so you should always be prepared. Should your partner say, “I didn’t bring condoms,” there is no excuse to having unprotected sex because you have some of the goods with you.

Always remember that using condoms (or not) isn’t about trust. People can carry STIs without knowing it and the chance of getting pregnant pre-cum is never zero.

If these tips still don’t work, your partner might not be the one for you and perhaps it is for the better. In the end, nothing is as sexy as a partner who looks after your sexual health and wants to practice safe sex.

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Author: Ali de la Cruz
Ali has yet to meet anyone whose music playlist is as all over the place as hers. She likes to pretend she writes her blogs like Carrie Bradshaw.