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Getting It On: Aphrodisiacs That Are Not Chocolate

Getting It On: Aphrodisiacs That Are Not Chocolate

Who doesn’t want great sex?

Now that we got your attention, we’d like to shed light on one aspect that can contribute to great sex: aphrodisiacs. For a change, we won’t be including chocolates in this list though.

No hate on chocolates (love them!) but pretty much everyone knows about chocolate increasing sexual desires and being mood boosters, at least for some, if not for the majority of people. In this guide, we’ll share other aphrodisiacs that are not chocolate and what makes these aphrodisiacs. 

You might want to take down notes for dining out with your partner.


It takes one simple Google search to find out oysters are aphrodisiacs.

While most research gravitates toward oysters being more beneficial to men (increased testosterone and sperm production, thanks to zinc present in oysters), it’s also found to increase libido in women.

As in all aphrodisiacs, oysters won’t make you a sex machine, but you can pretend to be Casanova. Legend has it that he would take up to a dozen oysters before a sexual encounter. Other accounts mention him eating up to 60 a day, oysters, that is. 

If you’re looking for a sign to go for a dozen oysters instead of half, this is it. 

Cucumber, Liquorice, Lavender, and Pumpkin Pie

Now you might be wondering why these are under one group, but to cut to the chase, they’re considered royalties in terms of increasing blood flow. Additionally, blood flow is, you know, the one responsible for making our hearts skip a beat?

You might be wondering why blood flow is important. In layman’s terms, blood flow is vital in your body’s sexual function and an irregular flow can lead to problems in bed.

Research shows that the smell of pumpkin pie and lavender triggers increased blood flow in penises. Pumpkins are also found to be calming to the muscles and nerves, and improves stamina.

On the other hand, cucumber and liquorice candy increases vaginal blood flow for women.  

Red Wine

As a vino who cannot say no to a good Barossa Shiraz especially with a premium Dry Aged Black Angus Sirloin Steak (that also deserves a spot on this aphrodisiac list), I can agree to a moderate amount of red wine being an aphrodisiac and research proves it right.

Resveratrol found in grape peel is a great antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, also increasing blood flow especially in women’s erogenous zones such as breasts and lips.


Since we’re talking about wines and steaks, let’s add another fancy thing into the list - truffles, arguably one of the most expensive aphrodisiacs. Although you might occasionally spot this on sale in Aldi for less than $24, especially with what we’ve seen during COVID. Its history can be traced back to ancient Rome. In other accounts, it’s claimed to be from ancient Greece.

Truffles’ expensive, distinct, and aromatic smell is sure to amaze your partner when you add it in your pasta or homemade pizza. If you’re after cured meats, go for the ever decadent truffle salami. 

You might notice that most of the aphrodisiacs mentioned lean towards the healthier side of the food groups as I have yet to discover candy or junk food that increases sex drive. More reason to eat healthy food and drink red wine in moderation.

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Stay safe out there!

Author: Ali de la Cruz
Ali has yet to meet anyone whose music playlist is as all over the place as hers. She likes to pretend she writes her blogs like Carrie Bradshaw.