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How to Sleep Better (R-18)

How to Sleep Better (R-18)

Looking for other ways to sleep better? Scroll below to get to the R-18 part.

A study conducted by Blackmores reveals that almost 50% of Australians have been negatively affected by the beginning of the pandemic. This was brought about mainly by changes in work and living environments (working from home or working from home with kids, homeschooling), lower job and financial security, and loss of income.

Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to get sufficient rest. But with plenty of stimulus around us and occasionally worrying about the pandemic, it’s not surprising that our sleep has taken a nosedive since March 2020.

Are you one of the Australian adults struggling to sleep? Read our blog for five tips on how to sleep better and scroll down to get to the R-18 part.

Limit coffee and alcohol intake

Do you start your day with coffee and perhaps end the day with a glass of wine?

Caffeine contains psychoactive stimulus which keep us awake while alcohol is in a class of drugs called ‘sedatives’ and can fragment our sleep (where we wake up in the middle of the night) because alcohol can trigger the part of our brains that is considered to be the nervous system’s fight or flight branch.

If you’re struggling to sleep, this is your sign to cut back on your caffeine and alcohol intake. Alternatively, you can work around drinking coffee only in the morning so that your body doesn’t have or only has a little amount of coffee at night. For wine lovers out there, you might want to consider drinking only on weekends so you’ll have more time to sleep during weekdays.

Bid adieu to your phone at least an hour before bedtime

Your friend sends a meme before bedtime and you’re now laughing about it. Brought back old memories and somehow, you just felt the urge to look up the recipe for chocolate chip cookies you planned to make for your friends this weekend three minutes ago. Then, you thought it’s a good idea to sneakily check your emails only to find out that your boss needs a report from you by 9 AM the following day.

No thanks to your phone, your brain is now stimulated and just became more active and awake.

Keep electronics - smartphone, tablet, and computers away from bed and make it a habit not to use your gadgets at least an hour before bedtime.

On the other hand, if it’s good for your mental health and in the name of quality sleep, it may help to make your room a COVID-free zone and skip the pandemic talk in bed especially before bedtime.

Have Sex

According to Sleep Foundation’s article on the link between sex and sleep, sexual activity can often contribute to better sleep. After an orgasm, the body releases hormones, like oxytocin and prolactin, that can induce pleasant and relaxing feelings. Sex also reduces levels of the hormone cortisol, which is associated with stress.

So go on a spontaneous sexy time with your partner and release those happy hormones. If scheduling sex works for you and your partner, book it in advance so you’re both mentally prepared.

For parents out there, you may want to read our guide Dear Parents: Here's How You Can Still 'Do It.

If you’re sharing a house or an apartment with a friend or friends, our guide Sex and the Shared House: A Guide to Having Sex When You Have Roommates might be for you.

We’re looking forward to the after sex glow and after sex quality sleep.


No partner? No problem – you can still masturbate.

Masturbation releases the same endorphins (and something else) you release while having sex and lower your stress levels while masturbating. Set the tone by masturbating in a clean room and make sure you’ll get uninterrupted ‘me time’ by locking the door. Candles are optional.

Focus on the task at hand (pun intended) and when you are done, look at your body positively, and thank your body. 

Practice Safe Sex

Perhaps we can all agree we are all trying to dodge getting COVID the same way we’re trying to avoid getting sexually-transmitted diseases. To ease your mind and to free yourself from worrying at night, practice safe sex and use vegan, natural condoms such as Sokkie.

We also offer discreet packaging so you can sleep at night knowing that nobody knows what’s inside when your packs are delivered.

Get yours at your local pharmacy, by purchasing a pack or two online, or by subscribing to get Sokkies delivered in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 monthly intervals.

Author: Ali de la Cruz
Ali has yet to meet anyone whose music playlist is as all over the place as hers. She likes to pretend she writes her blogs like Carrie Bradshaw.

Photo: Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash