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How to Sext: A guide to good sexting

How to Sext: A guide to good sexting

Sexting has become a lot prevalent today than it's ever been as we find ourselves spending more and more time on our phones. Read the news or your social media feed and you’ll see some of the horrors of sexting gone bad. Sure, you can argue that people should just nosext, but that’s like saying we should all just practice abstinence as that’s the best form of contraception! Theoretically that may be right but we are all humans after all. We love sex, and there’s a jolt of excitement that comes with sexting. 

Here are our hot tips on how to sext right. 


The same rules apply for sexting as it does for sex - it should always be consensual. Check and give the other person heads up that you’re wanting to sext. They may not be up for it at that time or worse, they are in a middle of the presentation of their lives, and the image of your penis pops up in front of their screen for their whole office to see. 

It's all about the angles 

Let those creative juices flow. A single photo can really get things going on the other end but at the same time, it could totally destroy it. Put some effort into it and not just snap a photo of your penis. The world has seen its fair share of bad dick pics. 

Playing with the right angels also helps hide any identifiable information (face, birth marks, tattoos) away from the camera. You never know where the photos might end up so it’s better safe than sorry. 

Teasing and Foreplay 

When it comes to sex, the journey is almost always more important than the destination. Sexting can help to set the mood and build things up for what’s to come (pun intended). Take it slow. Have fun with the dirty talk but keep it short and sweet - you’re not writing a romance novel here.


It might be a bit obvious that communication is key, given all you have is your phone, but don’t forget that sexting is a two-way street. Ask questions, play off their answers and build on it. Asking questions doesn’t mean asking the same "and then?” over and over again. Remember, sexting is a collaborative process so be part of it. If you have any fantasies, sexting is a great opportunity to put it out there. 

Using emojis 

Different people have different feelings about the use of emojis whilst sexting. For some, it kills the mood, for others, it’s playful and discreet. Our tip if it’s your first time sexting the other person – ask. You can also get the feel of the room by sending emojis early on and seeing if they respond in kind. Same goes for memes and GIFs. 


Sexting can get pretty hot and intense for both parties, so take some time after to cool yourselves down. Make time for some TLC post-sext as the both of you take in how good it was.  

And if you have the urge to save down the sextchange - don’t. You might want to keep it as a reminder or a souvenir for the next time you’re alone, but that opens up the risk of someone getting their grubby hands on it. Delete it. Treat it as an excuse to sext more often :) 


Plug: should things get hot and start moving over to the bedroom, be sure you're ready and protected with your Sokkies.

Author: James Mitchell
James is a writer for Sokkie. Loves footy and the telly. Can't afford to buy a house in Sydney because #avotoast.

Photo: Oleg Magni on Unsplash