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New Year, New Things: Here are 3 Things to Explore This 2022

New Year, New Things: Here are 3 Things to Explore This 2022

 This is your year. Make it cum… errrrr, count!

When man of the hour, Pete Davidson said, “My new year's resolution this year is to not have one so I don't let myself down again,” we felt that. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t try new things.

Down for an adventure, make some lifestyle changes, or just want to try new things this 2022? Scroll down to read our top 3 recommendations to explore this 2022 (if you haven’t). 

See a Sexual Coach

This 2022, discover yourself and build next-level relationships with the help of a sex & relationship coach. 

This is not only for those who lack intimacy in their relationship. This is also for those who want to explore who they can be, get a better understanding of what it is to date, and for those who want a healthy, thriving relationship.

Look for sex coach on Google and among the top results you’d find Stephanie Rigg (IG: @stephanie__rigg), a Sydney-based sex & relationship coach & Founder of The Bedside Collection (IG: @thebedsidecollection). Based in Port Macquarie, have a chat with Richa Ekka (IG: @richaekka) who is an advocate of women experiencing orgasm, pleasure, and opulence in their body.

In Melbourne, you may want to see Heidi True (IG:, who coaches ‘towards deep intimacy, to thrive in sex & rekindle connection, desire, & play.

Looking for a male sex coach? Look no further and head to Cam Fraser’s Instagram page (@thecamfraser) and check out his programs for male and female, as well as updates about his podcast, Men, Sex, & Pleasure. With over 33,000 followers, it’s no surprise he’s one of the top sex & relationship coaches in Australia.

Feeling extra thoughtful and wanting to give experience vs things this year? Book family and/or friends one on one sessions with a sex coach near them!

Follow more sexual & reproductive health advocates

Screen time went through the roof? This 2022, make it worth your while by educating yourself and following more sexual & reproductive health advocates on social media. 

Apart from sexual coaches sharing their two cents on sex, love, and relationships, we are loving Dr. Niveditha Manokaran’s (IG: @dr_nive_untaboos) educational posts about oral contraceptive pills, lubes, and condoms and we think you will, too!

If you want a better understanding of ovulation, fertility, and menstrual cycle, follow Ellie of The Better Period (IG: @thebetterperiod_) to gain insights and as a bonus, have a glimpse of her cat Remy once in a while.

Support small businesses in the sexual wellness space

If you’re looking for a natural way to enhance your sexual pleasure, you can give kegel balls a go. Our friends at BedBuddies have a great article on kegel balls, their benefits and how to use them.

We are also loving posts and products posted by Dee of Adult Super Stores (IG: @adultsuperstores). This female-owned company based in Rockdale, NSW is brimming with vast selection of dildos and also houses Satifsyer Men Classic Masturbators and vibrating cock rings.

Searching for more toys? Meet Rosie (IG: @meetrosieofficial) is launching their Original Rosie Suction Vibrators early this year.

Consider Using Vegan Condoms

I know we said 3 things, but we had to plug ourselves (it is our article, after all). Make sex safe, fun, and clean all at the same time with ultra thin vegan condoms from Sokkie. Our condoms are made with natural latex, silicone oil, cornstarch, and no nasties.

Sokkie condoms are sourced and manufactured in Malaysia, the home of the best quality natural latex in the world. Our ultra thin vegan condoms are also 100% electronically tested and complies with ISO 4074 standards.

We offer free discreet shipping for all online purchases.

Want to purchase in store? We are available in select pharmacies. Check our stockist page for more information.

Happy New Year! Here’s to making 2022 a big one!

Author: James Mitchell
James is a writer for Sokkie. Loves footy and the telly. Can't afford to buy a house in Sydney because #avotoast.

Photo: Leo Patrizi on Canva