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How to make her come: A guide to giving a woman an orgasm

How to make her come: A guide to giving a woman an orgasm

Every now and then, we have sat and wondered if the female orgasm is a myth. And we often find ourselves obsessing over the G-Spot - that mythical spot that leads to a mind-blowing and toe curling experience.

Ok, so not everyone obsesses over the G-Spot but I'm sure you'll agree that it wouldn't hurt to know how to make that special lady scream your name out loud in pleasure and come, or even better, come first. After all, multiple orgasms aren't a myth!

The basics

So, let's start with the basics. As Dakota Fanning in 'Uptown Girls' said, "Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun".

Let's begin by getting her wet.

Now, what would you do to get her wet? Because that's where you ought to start. It's of utmost importance that the woman is absolutely excited to be with you. Excitement plays a vital role in her reaching climax fast and hard. Start by making sure that wonderful woman you're swooning over is dripping wet with excitement.

Start slow ... or not

One of the ways to get her excited is to start slow, and to make her really want it. Give her soft kisses, touch her neck, make patterns with your fingers or nose on her back, whatever works for the both of you.

That's one way to kick things off. And then there's the sudden urge to be with someone, tear their clothes off and just go at it. This raw, primal act can also work to get the juices flowing.

Identify what gets the both of you going and just like that, you're already halfway there!

Use your fingers

Fingering is important because a majority of women do not come with just vaginal insertion. It's high time we accepted the fact that huge objects aren't enough, unless they vibrate. Some masterful strokes from a skilled hand can work wonders.

Start from the top and slide a finger down, parallel to her clit. Rub gently and feel her vagina throbbing. This isn't a play for everyone. Have some patience and wait for the rewards - when the moaning starts, you know you're gonna get there.

Rubbing vigorously will work if you know she wants it badly, like right now, now. You'll know when to speed up when you see her guiding your hand in with her body. You'll be able to feel her getting really wet and your fingers will just slide right in. From then on, it's your playground - give your imagination free reign while you rub, make circles, or go in and out of her, making her dripping wet.

You can also take it one step further and go down on her. Use your tongue to do what your fingers were doing, and watch her go crazy!


By now, your penis should be erect and dripping wet. Before you think of inserting it in her, grab that pack of Sokkies that's in your bedside drawer, and wrap your member. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Once you're covered, insert your throbbing cock when she's ready and completely open for you. Don't you worry, she'll let you know when. It will be wet, it will be tight, and it will be worth it. You'll feel the pressure of her throbbing vagina as you watch her breathing rapidly. Try and move your body and be vocal. Trust me when I say that she'll feel your rhythm!

She'll close her eyes, maybe grin and say sweet nasty nothings. Or she'd relax to take a breather because you've tired and satisfied her. Either way, congrats, you've done it. You've made her come.

Final words

It's important the two of you communicate, and say to each other what it is that you like in bed. Listen to her and also tell her what you like. Pay attention and follow the signs. It turns the other person on to see that you're really enjoying yourself.

Hard, fast, dirty or slow, do what you love, and don't be afraid to be loud. You only live once!

If your special lady is the type who knows what she wants and is vocal about it, then wow for you! She just made your job easier as all you need to do is listen to her!

Author: Reny
Just another lady contributing to the adult industry, the English literature and to the world of neuroscience through her publications.

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