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How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship

How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship

Whether it’s because you or your partner have to travel for work (not that that’s happening any time soon), you already live miles apart and/or COVID has been a major cockblock, long distance relationships are hard work.

Besides the increased need for emotional intimacy and open communication, there’s the extra challenge of maintaining your sex life when you’re apart. But if you’ve got access to a phone and some decent Wi-Fi, you can totally spice up your LDR sex life and feel closer to your partner.

Get sext-y  

Okay, so it’s not that spicy. But if you’re new to the world of virtual sex, sending sexts is a good start.

There is no limit to how saucy you can get with your sexts, and the best part is that you can literally send them from anywhere, which could be a hot way of spicing up your LDR sex life. Plus, sexting is a good way of letting your partner know how much they turn you on – and what you’d like to do with them when you finally see each other again.

We have some hot tips for sexting, if you’re into it. 

Get steamy on the phone 

Phone sex might be an oldie, but it sure is a goodie that will spice up your long distance relationship. 

There’s nothing hotter than picking up the phone and talking dirty with your partner without seeing them do naughty things to themselves as they’re thinking of you. Not only does it allow you to explore your fantasies from afar, it’ll also be an intimate experience that will leave you feeling more connected. 

Send nudes

No, seriously. Nudes can be hot. Don’t let that one time a guy sent you unsolicited dick pics put you off.

Sending naughty photos and videos can really spice up your long distance sex life and remind your partner what they have to look forward to. If you’re a bit shy, you could try filming yourself in the dark or even sending some hot voice memos of you pleasuring yourself.   

Of course, execution is everything and it can be a process of trial and error to discover your angles and how much you’re comfortable with showing off. Oh, and you might not want to send them something naughty when they’re at work. Unless that’s a kink, then no judgement.   

Get off together

Mutual masturbation is a seriously underrated form of sexual intimacy that helps you feel close to your partner and understand what they like in bed.

Video-based apps like FaceTime and Skype can help you take your long distance sex life to the next level. You could even role-play during your masturbation session or send each other links to your favourite steamy porn videos and get off to them together. 

Use remote and app-controlled toys

Yes, you heard right. It’s totally possible to tease the hell out of your partner and give them a mind-blowing orgasm without being in the same room – or city – as them. 

Companies like We-Vibe offer high-end sex toys that allow you to control the other person’s toy settings through an app, proving that you can still maintain your sex life when going the distance.

Once you finally see each other IRL again, though, make sure you stay protected when getting hot and heavy with your Sokkies.

Author: Sylvia Lee
Sylvia is a Sydney-based writer who occasionally shares her unearned wisdom on sex and relationships. In her spare time, she’s a sometime black thumb and cat mum with a spot soft for the ocean.

Photo: We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash