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How to Turn Up the Heat in Bed this Winter

How to Turn Up the Heat in Bed this Winter

Cold and stuck at home with your partner? You may want to consider getting all cosy and intimate with your partner and enjoy the health benefits you could get including strengthening your immune system.

Yes, that's right - did you know that one of the benefits of having sex includes boosting your body’s ability to produce antibodies, helping you fight against viruses and bacteria? Now you’re probably not sure what you want more the sex or the immune system boost.

Read our guide for tips on how to turn up the heat in bed this time of the year!

Hygge is key

Sometimes the presence of calmness is better than having a wild start.

If you don’t know what hygge means, this word has a Scandinavian (Danish/Norwegian) origin. In essence, it means cosiness or comfortability.

Since it is cold, it’s not so bad to be all cosy at home especially with a loved one.

So get you and your partner all cosy in bed or on the couch. Get some warm drinks like tea or coffee, or a mulled wine, and try not to do anything but be present. If the silence is deafening, Netflix and chill with a movie you both like or play some romantic songs. 

Leave your socks on

Let’s be honest: there’s a very slim chance of getting an orgasm if your toes are cold.

Some find it weird, but it takes a simple Google search to know that there’s more good than bad keeping the socks on. Socks are found to be instrumental in improving blood flow which in turn dilates the blood vessels, improving sexual intercouse and facilitates in reaching orgasm.

So leaving your socks on is okay as long as you are comfortable with it. Remember: hygge is key!

Positions to keep warm

Moving on from the art of snuggling down to the spicier things in life, starting with some skin to skin doggy. 

Skin to Skin Doggy

Since it’s winter, do as the penguins do: huddle to stay warm.

Reduce heat loss and don’t freeze to death getting on all fours; instead, do the doggy position lying flat. If you are uncomfortable with the cold, do this while you’re under the blanket, thus reducing heat loss even more.

From Spooning to Hot Steamy Sex

Speaking of reducing heat loss, how about some spooning that leads to hot steamy sex?

Get into the spooning position all naked, get cozy, and start having sex from behind.

Alternatively, you can try ‘reverse scoop’ which is basically spooning while facing your partner, looking into their eyes, and pulling them close to you. Depending on how comfortable you are, you may consider intertwining your legs with your partner as you grind.

Keep this tip handy, even after winter is over (we know we will!), as this doubles as a great way to wake your partner up for some of that wonderful morning sex.

Mission: Missionary

Our next hot tip is to do missionary under a blanket.

To some, it’s lazy. But to some, it doesn’t get boring as long as you know how to play around with it. This position may get mixed reviews, but this deserves a spot in our Winter Sex 101 guide book. 

Given how cold it is this time of the year, it is recommended to pull this position off under a blanket. If you’re the one who likes to be on top, simply pull the sheets over your shoulder and voila, you and your partner are in a comfortable sexual cocoon.

In the same position, placing a pillow underneath the butt not only contributes to the cozy atmosphere, but it also brings extra clitoral stimulation. Win-win!

While on the subject of stimulation, nothing is as stimulating as doing things in your own terms, which leads us to our last tip:

It’s totally up to you

You know you, and you know your partner better than anyone else (unless you're in an open relationship and/or sleeping around), so do whatever works best for you and your partner this winter. 

Ultimately, winter or not, just do it if you and your partner feel like it (or not, but think about the health benefits!).

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Author: Ali de la Cruz
Ali has yet to meet anyone whose music playlist is as all over the place as hers. She likes to pretend she writes her blogs like Carrie Bradshaw.

Photo: svetikd from Getty Images