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Managing Stress with Sex: Lockdown Edition

Managing Stress with Sex: Lockdown Edition

I’d like to speak to the manager… the one managing stress!

We don’t need to run an independent survey to know that living under lockdown is hard. The minute a lockdown is announced, you suddenly find yourself running to Woolies trying to secure some of that coveted bog roll or stocking up at Dan’s on your favorite shiraz and chardonnay. You might be even stuck with a half-finished home reno especially since the construction industry were told to down tools.

Between juggling work, your partner and/or kids (if you have them) getting in your space, or just plain cabin fever being stuck at home, it all adds to our already high stress levels.

Even when the restrictions are lifted, a seed of anxiety could sprout at any moment: “What if my long-awaited getaway gets cancelled because of an outbreak?”; “What if I can’t move into my new home on time?”

With all these worries circling atop our heads, lighting a soy candle might not be enough.

Get Intimate

Whether it be with your partner or by yourself, getting intimate with your body isn’t only a sexy way to let off some steam, it’s also a good trigger to release some oxytocin (see happy hormones). When discharged, this happy hormone helps you become closer with your lover and create a bond.

What a way to make stress-relieving fun, right? 

Bringing intimacy in this time of lockdown also provides you an emotional cushion and gives a sense of security amidst all the uncertainty. Getting that much-needed cardio is also a plus!

You can start with go-to’s such as taking a shower together while playing your favourite Daniel Johns and Kylie Minogue tracks.

Regardless of the approach, the goal of being intimate is to avert your attention from stress to the more important matter -- your relationship with your partner and your body.

Discover Ways to Make It Interesting And Exciting

The novelty of casual sex during lockdown might easily become too regular for some.

With most of your day spent with each other, you might feel like everything’s becoming a routine, sans your usual Friday night dates. This, too, could add up to the things that you now have to worry about.

To uproot this potential conundrum, why not try switching things up?

Let’s get one thing straight though, there is nothing wrong with vanilla sex and a good ruffling of feathers under your comfortable sheets. You do not need a full dive into the kinky stuff head first. Try adding a little spice to unearth new preferences that you might want to explore more down the line. We’re talking about adding another element to your regular sexy time such as a new location or including your favorite fruit in the mix.

Stay Safe

Not everyone is fortunate to live with their partner under one roof, some prefer their personal spaces and alone time.

Unfortunately, stricter health guidelines mean there is a looming threat of the virus getting into your safe space if you’re not careful with inviting people into your abode. You have to consider the safety of the people you’re living with and your sexual partners, too.

As trivial as it might sound, having an assigned “fun buddy” (or buddies *wink*) could help you from catching the highly contagious virus. And, yeah, we recommend that you get your COVID-19 vaccine jab as well, if you can get one, just for good measure. 

Should you decide to go the multiple buddies route, be sure to protect yourself (without trading off on pleasure), and have a pack of Sokkie on your bedside table.

Free Yourself From The Pressure

All this talk on making each of your lockdown sex adventurous might become stressful to think about, too. We don’t want another dilemma to toss and turn around on at night.

One might assume that just because you’re stuck at home, you are required to always spice things up to make things exciting but each encounter doesn’t need all the frills and gizmos. You don’t have to push yourself and scan the interwebs on ways to make things exciting.

And remember, having some downtime ever so often helps restore your energy. Once you’re all charged up, you might even candidly surprise yourself the next time.

So, don’t forget to light up that soy candle. Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy!

Author: KB Resco
KB loves long walks on the beach, fried chicken and a bottle of ice-cold golden lager. You can easily spot him from a crowd by his shirt buttoned halfway. A real tropical guy.