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Things to do whilst in lockdown

Things to do whilst in lockdown

With new local cases reaching more than 1,000 in New South Wales alone, it is easy to understand why there is a need for lockdown in most parts of New South Wales. The whole ordeal can feel strange especially if you are used to going out, taking trips a little over five kilometres (this!), and being social.

Bored at home with family, with your partner, with friends, or by yourself? We’ve rounded up a couple of things you can do while in lockdown.

Watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to watch

Personally, I’m late to The Office and Sex and the City Party and only got the chance to finish those shows last year. So now I get the references. (LOL!)

So, whether it’s Game of Thrones (why not?), Sex/Life, or another show you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t found time to before, now is your chance! You can also watch your choice of show in between your Zoom meetings. The best part? No one will be judging you! The other best part? You don’t need to dress up for this!

As soon as you feel like watching a show, slip into your favourite PJs and enjoy the show. Or shows… or all 15 seasons in one sitting. Popcorn optional.

Make your own cocktails

By the end of the lockdown you have two choices: come out stronger or come out… with stronger drinks. 

Once you get the hang of making your favourite drink, you’d be surprised by how easy it is to make and how strong you can make it vs. the ones sold at your favourite bar or restaurant.

Go an extra mile by purchasing your own rosemary plant and snip some as a garnishing for your gin & tonic. Drinking at home is also a great idea to minimise contact with people outside your household and also decreases your chance of getting the virus. Win-win!

Don’t forget to exercise

Lockdown can be very isolating even when you are not alone at home. Release some happy hormones also known as endorphins by exercising. Your body and skin will thank you later!

Look for equipment and/or routine that works best for you. As for me, I found that resistance bands work for me and I try to find at least 20 minutes a day to exercise with my bands. Seek a fitness professional in a reasonable distance (because #lockdown) if you want a specialised exercise or routine for your needs.

If you are with family, friends, or with your partner, try to schedule a time to exercise with them. Prefer doing exercise on your own? It’s totally fine, too!

Do more indoor activities

Remember the chess board that has been gathering dust? Now is the time to take it out and actually use it! If you have ample space in your room, why not consider getting an indoor bowling or golf set and roll with it while in lockdown?

Stuck with kids at home? Try games to enhance their math skills, sensory games suitable for their age, or give painting, gardening, and water play a try. There’s not much work required if you’re only sitting while supervising, also known as sittervising.

Spend more time with your partner… in bed

This pandemic has taken all of our time and opportunities to visit other countries and even planning interstate trips can be hard. This can be especially hard for couples who always seek adventure and love getting to know other cultures.

At home, keep your and your partner’s bond stronger than ever by spending time together at home, especially in bed. Spend more time together watching TV, planning trips for next year, warming each other up when it gets cold (our Winter Guide might come in handy!), and keeping up with each other’s sexual fantasies.

Having a baby not in your 2021 Bingo card? Don’t forget to stay ‘safe’ even at home by using Sokkie Ultra Thin Condoms! 

Stay sane, stay safe, and remember: we are all in this together!

Author: Ali de la Cruz
Ali has yet to meet anyone whose music playlist is as all over the place as hers. She likes to pretend she writes her blogs like Carrie Bradshaw.